Ink ROTARY BRA/USA is a tattoo supplier.  We have a  professional tattoo artists products. Combined with global manufacturing. We have new and original products at the most competitive prices for tattoo artists all over the world.

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Cheyenne Hawk Pen


It’s safe to say that the HAWK PEN has revolutionized the tattoo industry. Its ergonomic, pen-like shape offers complete freedom of movement while you work. Its optimal ergonomic design is gentle on your wrist and prevents fatigue. The pen shape makes it easy to cover and thereby ensures absolute hygiene while you work.


With its 3.5 mm stroke, the feeling the HAWK PEN provides lies right between the Thunder and the HAWK Spirit. The machine thereby unites the benefits of both machines and can be used for dots and lines as well as shading and filling. Powered by a Precision DC Motor, the machine produces virtually no vibrations, guaranteeing precise work. The needle protrusion is continuously – and effortlessly – adjustable. We have developed two different Grips for you to comfortably work with your HAWK PEN – the Standard and 1-INCH size.

Award-winning, high-end design combined with product quality "Manufactured in Berlin".

Core Benefits:

          Ergonomic Cheyenne HAWK PEN shape that’s gentle on the wrist

          More freedom of movement with an award-winning pen shape that makes it easier to reach difficult spots

          Quickly switch between 56 different needle configurations thanks to our patented cartridge technology

          Continuously adjustable needle protrusion (0 - 4.0 mm)

          HAWK PEN Grips available in two sizes

          Quiet, with less vibration

          Anodized aluminum: sturdy and hygienic

          Easy to cover

          Available in six colors

          Protected cable jack connection

Cheyenne Hawk Pen