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Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine

The German-engineered Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine is the ultimate tool of the trade, providing expert precision, speed, comfort, and versatility without any compromise. The Hawk Spirit is durable and incredibly powerful with a highly sensitive reaction time and higher puncture force and frequency, all of which allow tattoo artists to simply focus on their creative expression on skin.

The Hawk Spirit is great for any style, techniques, skin areas, and types. There are more than 40 different needle cartridges that it can accommodate and with its simple replacement/cartridge system, hygienic and creative tattooing has never been easier.

The Cheyenne Hawk Spirit is available in Black and three color editions – Red, Silver, and Orange. This listing is for the Black motor only. This purchase includes a Hawk power cord and phono tip connector cord. An adapter cord is needed to use the Hawk Spirit with other standard power supplies and a Start-Up Facility Cord may be necessary. Use only Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges with this machine (Please Note:  Use with non-certified Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges will void the warranty). Please view the resources below for additional information, technical specifications, needle configurations, and more.

Award-winning, high-end design combined with product quality "Manufactured in Berlin".

Core Benefits:

          Black Hawk Spirit motor

          Dimensions: 110mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 28mm (D)

          Frequency: 50–150 strokes/second; 0–3mm depth

          12V DC precision ball-bearing motor

          Nominal voltage: 5–12V DC

          Hawk power cord and phono tip connector cord included

          Compatible with 22mm and 25mm grips

          Compatible with Cheyenne power supplies or standard power supplies (adapter necessary)

          Manufactured in Germany; certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment

          Price per motor only (grip not included)

          Flexible and lightweight for every style

          Precise strokes with highly sensitive reaction times – suitable for every skin area and types

          Higher puncture force and frequency

          Easy needle depth adjustment and ergonomic handle bar adjustment

          Accommodates over 40 needle cartridges

          Smooth performance with less noise and vibration

          Meets strict hygiene regulations (ISO 9001 and 13485 Medical Guidelines in the U.S)

          Efficient cartridge change and replacement

Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine