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Equaliser Mikron Turbo

          The revolutionary Equaliser Mikron Turbo pen machine is small and lightweight. Because of it's compact design and minimal maintenance, it allows you to spend more time on tattooing.

          Uniquely designed to be the perfect well rounded pen machine it can be used for lining, shading and color packing.

          This machine includes an adjustable cartridge grip that is compatible with all major cartridge brands on the market.

          The Equaliser Mikron Turbo machine and the grip are precision CNC machined from a solid stock of aircraft aluminium and weighs in at 104 grams (3.67 oz.) in total.

          The RCA connection is hidden inside the machine housing at an angle of 35° for optimal durability and reliability.


          Motor: 4,5W Faulhaber

          Stroke: 3.5mm

          Connector: RCA hidden in the housing at an angle of 35°

          Fully adjustable aluminium grip

          Weight: 104 g (3.67oz.)

          Recommended voltage: max 11V

          Designed by Kwadron in Poland

Equaliser Mikron Turbo


Kwadron Equaliser Mikron Turbo