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Equaliser Mikron

          Equaliser Mikron Hybrid Pen-Style Rotary Tattoo Machine in Black by Kwadron

          Based in Poland, Kwadron is a leader in the industry when it comes to manufacturing tattoo supplies, including machines, cartridge needles, and tattoo inks.

          The Kwadron Equaliser Mikron Rotary Tattoo Machine is known as a hybrid pen-style rotary device.

          The “hybrid” factor means it works with both disposable and adjustable cartridge grips, allowing for a convenient and optimized tattooing experience. Manufactured using the most advanced milling machines,

          this lightweight hybrid pen is constructed from aluminum and weighs in at approximately 54 grams. It operates on a 4.5W Faulhaber motor with a maximum voltage of 11v. It also has a reliable 3.5mm stroke length.

          This listing is for the Kwadron Equaliser Mikron in Black. The machine has an RCA connection that is hidden in the machine body at 35°.



          Color: Black

          Aluminum construction

          4.5W Faulhaber motor

          Hybrid pen-style machine; compatible with disposable and adjustable cartridge grips

          Machine Weight: 54g (~1.9oz)

          Stroke: 3.5mm

          Maximum voltage of 11v

          Manufactured with advanced milling machines

          RCA connection; tucked into housing at 35°

          Made in Poland by Kwadron

Equaliser Mikron


Kwadron Equaliser Mikron