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Equaliser Proton MX

             Equaliser Proton MX Pen rotary tattoo machine in the form of a pen made of anodized aluminum.

          Compatible with all types of cartridges.

          Pen for cartridges.

          Super low weight and no vibration!

          The advanced gear system guarantees reliable operation. and quiet work.

          The housing is made of the highest quality anodized aluminum.

          Super low weight - only 130 grams !!! Compatible with all kinds of cartridges.

          Total lack of vibration!


          Color: Black


          Stroke: 3.5mm

          Full needle advance adjustment: 0-4.5mm

          Engineer: 5W

          Socket: RCA

          Handle diameter: 25 mm

          Length: 11.8 cm

          Working range: from 7 to 11V

          12 months warranty.

          Made in the Poland

Equaliser Proton MX