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Vlad Blad Slider Tron


Vlad Blad Slider Tron

Vlad Blad offers some of the most eclectic, high-quality tattoo equipment on the market.

Their tattoo machines come in all configurations to meet the needs of varied artists around the globe. This Slider Tron machine is one of its kind.

Designed for minimalism, power, and ink packing, this machine is most especially suitable for new school tattoo artists.

Featuring a return slider mechanism with neodymium magnets, this machine does not present the risk of breaking or damaging a standard machine spring.

It has a voltage range of 6.5v up to 7v, a stroke length of 4mm, and employs a powerful Mabuchi motor that has been reinforced with an all-new bearing.

This versatile slider machine is compatible with both cartridge and classic needles.

The Slider Tron machine has a remarkably lightweight aluminum construction. It features the Vlad Blad logo icon, and a design reminiscent of Louis Vuitton.

Colors: Black design reminiscent of Louis Vuitton

Core Benefits:

          Machine Weight: 83g

          Voltage: 6.5–7v

          Stroke Length: 4mm

          Mabuchi motor with special bearing

          Return slider mechanism with neodymium magnets

          Anti-frictional and chemical-proof Derlin polymer

          Compatible with cartridge and classic needles

          RCA connection

          Ideal for new school tattoo artists

          Made in the Russia