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Zabre Wireless Pen Set


Zabre Wireless Pen Set

Zabre Wireless Machine Set by Hyperion - This is the first innovative wireless pen on the market. The Zabre exclusive wireless pen design gives you, the artist, the most optimal tattooing experience. With a full charge, the battery will last 5-8 hours depending on the speed and load.

This exclusive set includes the Zabre wireless machine, a 1", 1.25" and a 1.5" aluminum autoclaveable grip, a 1.25" & 1.5" disposable grip sample, and a micro USB recharging power cord. The set is professional packaged in a high quality foam padded box to ensure your machine is protected during shipping.  

The Zabre is both ergonomic and lightweight, made of high quality aircraft aluminum with a durable finish. A simple twist of the grip and you get full control of the needle depth adjustment. It's assembled using a high end Mabuchi motor and has a fixed 3.5mm stroke length. The grip has been precision machined to except the vast majority of all needle cartridges / configurations currently on the market today.

Core Benefits:

          Quick needle depth adjustment

          Lightweight, made of high quality aircraft aluminum

          Durable anodized machine finish

          Stroke Length: 3.5mm

          Assembled using a powerful Mabuchi precision motor

          Recommended Voltage: 5V - 10V  

          Assembled weight: 6oz

          Compatible with most needle cartridges

          Compatible with most power supplies

          Includes both a 1" & 1.25" aluminum grip

          Includes both a 1.25" & 1.5" disposable sample grip

          Includes a Micro USB power cord (Machine can still be used while charging)

Digital LED Battery Info:

When the first light flashes the screen shows the voltage.(For example it shows 80 meaning 8.0V. The maximum voltage is 12v, but we do not recommend working with maximum voltage.)


When the second light flashes, the screen shows the power of battery left.(When the power down to 20%, the light will keep flashing which reminds you the machine requires charging. It can work while charging.)


When the third light flashes, the screen shows the working time of the machine.(The maximum display time is 250 minutes, if the time is over 250, the time shown in the screen will not change.) You will need to restart the machine to restart the timer

Zabre Wireless Pen Set